It’s Not Too Late to Open a Tax Office This Year

Being a genius, you would think Albert Einstein had everything figured out, right? While Mr. Einstein may have mastered elementary particles, income tax was a whole different matter. In fact, he once said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” He was smart enough to hire a tax preparer, and he is not alone. This year over 150,000,000 Americans will seek tax preparation services to help them get the biggest tax return possible.

Tax preparers will be in major demand over the next few months, offering tax entrepreneurs ample opportunity to earn extra money. If you are worried that you are too late to the game, there is no need to worry. You can begin the process of opening a tax preparation business today with the help of Tooblrr Tax Office. Here are some benefits of working with us to help you start your tax office:

We Will Help You Register: Forbes Magazine recently released a list of the top ten red flags to avoid when choosing a tax preparer. The top one listed was not having a 2015 PTIN. This stands for preparer tax identification number, and it is imperative to have one before you start a tax office. We will help you register for this and your EFIN.

We’re Affordable: Our package starts at $9,999.00. We take much less of a revenue split than our competitors.  There are no hidden fees, and you can make payments towards your introductory fee.  Credit isn’t an issue either.

We Provide Training and Support: You don’t need an accounting background or a BA in Finance to start a tax office. We provide one-on-one training over-the-phone with remote access screen share. Most of our clients can pick it up in hours not days. Additionally, if you are in need of help to get people in the door, our personal coach service can teach you how to market yourself and carry out a sound marketing strategy.

We are just entering Tax Season. Will this be the year you seize the opportunity and start making money? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you set up your own personal tax office.

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With Tooblrr Tax, we have been very pleased with service we have got and especially like the software. How user friendly it is. I had never done taxes before and had no problem. It took me through, step by step, and I was finished in 15 minutes!

Amanda Seyfried
Affiliate, Tooblrr Tax

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