Bank Products for Tax Preparers

In order to be competitive in the retail tax preparation business, you must be able to deliver taxpayers the refund solutions they demand.

Through Tooblrr Tax Office, you will be able to offer your service without the necessity of the taxpayers paying your tax preparation fee out-of-pocket.

Rather, our banking partner will withhold your fee from the taxpayers’ refunds and authorize you to print refund checks and issue debit cards from your tax business just like other national tax business chains.

In addition, you will be able to offer a $1250 Cash Advance, at no cost to the taxpayers. Do not worry about bank approval.

All Tooblrr Tax Office Affiliates are guaranteed to be approved by virtue of our contract with the bank.

Need more information on our bank products for your tax franchise? Contact Tooblrr Tax today. We are happy to help.

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Bank Partners

Stanta Barbara TPG

Customer Support: (800) 779-7228
Fax: (858) 430-3102

Refund Advantage

Customer Support: (800) 967-4934
Fax: (877) 559-0558

Republic Bank

Customer Support: (866) 491-1040
Fax: (800) 278-2056

3FUND – Exclusive Bank

Customer Support: (800) 779-7228
Fax: (858) 430-3102
TaxPayer Support: (800) 901-6663

River City

Customer Support: (888) 820-7848
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With Tooblrr Tax, we have been very pleased with service we have got and especially like the software. How user friendly it is. I had never done taxes before and had no problem. It took me through, step by step, and I was finished in 15 minutes!

Amanda Seyfried
AffiliateAffiliate, Tooblrr Tax

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