Tooblrr Tax Conversion Program

We’re pleased to announce that Tooblrr Tax and our Franchisees have completed another successful tax season. The hard work and preparation of the Franchisee community and its dedicated Tax Pros truly paid off – on average, our system saw growth in same-store returns, same-store sales, and our retention rate, compared to last season.
We’re already looking forward to what we can accomplish next year – and we want you to be a part of that success. As a business owner, you’re uniquely positioned to excel when you convert your business to a Tooblrr Tax Franchise.
We trust you had a successful tax season, as well. And as you begin planning for next year, we’d like to share some of the benefits of joining the Tooblrr Tax team:
  • There is a minimum initial franchise fees to convert to Tooblrr Tax
  • ​You’ll never pay royalties or advertising fees on your existing book of business
  • Only a scaled royalties on all New Businesses under Tooblrr Tax

“An innovator in the tax industry with a mission
of offering its hard-working clients access to
simple, low-cost solutions to manage their
taxes and tax refunds.”
Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of an organization with
those guiding principles?

A few important reasons to consider making the move to Tooblrr Tax Franchise:

It’s Still Your Business

Our Franchisees are independently owned and operated. You remain
‘independent’…you run your own business with the support of a national
brand and a proven operating system. It’s still your business.

No Initial Franchise Fees to Convert to Tooblrr Tax!

• There is a minimum Initial Franchise Fee to join Tooblrr Tax for the 2021 Tax
Season. We will offer a $6,200.00 loan* to
refresh your location with Tooblrr Tax branding.
• You will never pay royalties or advertising on your existing book of
• You only pay royalties and advertising on new business that is generated
after your conversion to the Tooblrr Tax brand.
• AND…the royalty is “scaled.”

Choose Your Path

Our Franchisees are independently owned and operated. You remain
‘independent’…you run your own business with the support of a national
brand and a proven operating system. It’s still your business. What company size is most appealing to you? You decide your own path…

• Scalable to significant footprint growth:
– Our Franchisees have an average of 7 locations
• Or grow to several locations (50% of our Franchisees have only
2 locations )

There may be opportunities to purchase existing Company-Owned Operations
or expand through our Walmart or Sears channels in select markets.

Features to Support our Tooblrr Tax Franchisees

• Multiple Channel Operation: Storefronts & Walmart Kiosks
• Mass Purchasing Power (Our goal is to reduce operating costs by
leveraging the purchasing power of our entire system):
– Supply Chain
› Negotiated vendor rates/approved supplier network
› Currently our Franchisees save on key items; computers,
office equipment and supplies
– Current marketing and media buying savings (30-50% savings)
• We have nearly 1,012 franchised and company-owned locations including
41 locations in Walmart stores throughout the US. • Industry leading Financial Products
– Express Refund Advance:
› High approval rates
› Available up to 4 weeks before the IRS opens
• Our company focus: We are #1 for the Little Guy. • Tooblrr Tax is a nationally recognized brand for your Tax Preparers
• We have key partnerships with industry leaders Walmart
& American Express… • Tooblrr Tax System “certified” tax professionals
– Held to the highest standard by the IRS
• We offer a complete “suite” of low-cost Financial Products for our
customers. • Social Connection
– Sharing of best practices with fellow Franchisees
› DMA meetings, Regional Workshops and Convention
Tooblrr Tax Service…

“Innovators in the Tax Industry”

• Our service is backed by the best Guarantees in the business:
– Accuracy
– Largest Refund
• Looking to the Future: Additional revenue streams for the off-season
• Own Tooblrr Tax Software

With the Tooblrr Tax Conversion Program, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more. If you’d like more details about joining the Tooblrr Tax team, please Visit our Support Center   and submit a ticket to the Conversion Department, one of our agents will get back to you within 48 hours.